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Welcome to H2 Express, where acquiring H2A and H2B worker contracts is done effectively and made understandable to the customer. Prices are also reasonable, about $1000 for H2A paperwork, or $1,200 for H2B paperwork. USCIS fees [for H2A are $460 and H2B are $475 (plus $1,225 for optional H2B premium processing)] and newspaper ads (prices vary by newspaper) are additional. You get service from a company that has had more than 20 years in the business. Your request is important to us, whether you only need one worker, or need a few hundred workers.

We Make The Process Easy For You With A Few Simple Steps.

  1. There is a simple application form to get the process started. At this point, you will have a private company account set up where you will be able to follow the progress of your application and view the status of your account.
  2. Documents are gathered and uploaded. They include proof of workmen’s comp insurance, and an agent/employer agreement. (Farm labor contractors will be given a list of the documents they need.)
  3. The application is filled out and submitted to state and federal departments of labor.
  4. Once certified, an application is sent to USCIS for approval.
  5. Appointments are set in the consulate for workers, and interviews are held.
  6. Workers are interviewed again as they enter the US.

The process for completing H2A and H2B documents is dynamic and always changing. H2 Express strives to keep up with these changes, as they become known.

Another advantage of having H2 Express do your paperwork is that the owner is also a small business owner who has used the H2 program. He also has a master’s degree in agriculture. This experience helps the company to understand your needs and serve you better.

In addition to H2 visas, H2 express offers agricultural consulting. Steven McKay who had 18 years with Cornell Cooperative Extension as an educator, and 16 years teaching vocational agriculture (winning top agriculture teacher of the year) is your consultant. He has a variety of experiences in domestic and international agriculture. He is familiar with paperwork such as GAPS plans, WSP, and organic certification. Steven is creative, and can think out of the box, and if you have a site where you would like to develop a project, his creativity could be used to develop a sustainable and unique project.

If you have a rural property and are looking to develop a crop, or are interested in developing a value-added processed product we can help with professional agricultural consulting. Site planning, locating plants and supplies, and of course marketing ideas are all ways in which we can help.

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